Postage outside UK


Shipping Abroad

Although we are able to ship abroad, our system does not support online export postage yet. We are working on this and hopefully it will be available within the next few weeks, as we are in the process of negotiation prices with our postal service provider. At this point in time, we deal with each export order on ad hoc basis.


In order to work out the price of an order yourself, please visit


And follow the steps on the screen:

  1. Overseas
  2. Choose country
  3. Click ‘next’
  4. Choose ‘small packet’
  5. Input the weight of the item(s) and add 50g for the packaging
  6. Click ‘next’
  7. Choose ‘item to arrive within 10 days’
  8. Choose ‘value of item below £50’
  9. DO NOT click ‘confirmation of delivery required’
  10.  Click ‘find price’
  11. The first price on the screen, listed as ‘Airmail Small Packets’ is the price we would quote for an order under 1000g


Consequently, please email us with the exact address, item code(s) and quantities required.


Any orders heavier than 999g would need to go with one of our couriers. In order to get a quote for a courier delivery, please email us with the exact address, item code and quantity of items required.


We are working on an automatic online delivery system for shipping abroad, however it will take a while for us to put it into practice.