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  1. Well is a real no brainer. Surely ethically sourced  responsibly managed sustainable palm oil? No?

    Ha! try to find it, and when you do ask for verification. Pah! this soaper is going palm free. Dont get me wrong I love what palm oil brings to a bar but for me the ethics outweigh the benefits. The upside for the soap buyer is I am upping my olive oil content which is great for your skin, all my bars are now complexion friendly. The downside is olive oil is more expensive than palm, and its important to me to keep my soaps affordable so that people who would benefit from a product free from harsh chemicals but are on a low income can afford it. for the moment I am absorbing the cost & hopefully I will find an alternative more economical source.

    Here is one view on palm


    Can you find it in your heart to sign this petition?



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    Its the launch of our new site! we are very excited & are hoping to get a lot of interest from soap lovers & people looking to find a more natural way to look after their skin. Any soapy stories from soapers & soap lovers will be welcome here and dont forget if you cant see the wash you wish for drop us a line on the contact us form & we will try to help. enjoy our site!

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