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  1. Just thinking about how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful part of the world in such a tranquil environment. The only sounds the humming of the bees, the chirp of the crickets and the tinkle of goats bells as they clamber up the mountain.

    The olives are swelling , it's only a short while left till they are harvested and I am making a 100% Olive Oil Soap with the remnants of last years. This won't be a true "Castille Soap" as I do intend to introduce some mineral colour and a bit of fragrance. I usually like to combine a little coconut oil with my olive as it makes for a harder, long lasting bar and, in my opinion, a nicer lather, but this is a special order so we will see how it turns out! I am making a backup of my usual formulation just in case.

    Till next time!

  2. Well! What a year  eh? Trump WHAT? Theresa May EEK? North Korea!! Stop the world guys, I wanna get off! 

    Seriously this year has to be better! Doesn't it? Well here's a present from me to get it off to a great start every soap order placed before valentine's will have a free valentine's soap included! Any soap order over£10 will have a free valentine's soap and a solid shampoo! Over £15 two valentine's soaps 1 shampoo bar free can you guess what orders over £20 in soap will get? Yep 2 shampoo bars 2 valentine's Day soaps. Just to reiterate this offer is for SOAP orders only and is valid up untill midnight GMT on 13th of February 2018.

    Chat soon