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We support the clean ocean and Sea Bin project & are delighted to offer alternatives to plastic bottles, try using our hand made soap and solid shampoo & YOU  can help save the planet, one plastic bottle at a time!

Casa Luisa, Calle Alta 27,  Hinojares, Jaen, 23486  Espana

Why Hand Made Olive Oil Soap? Made in small batches, our soap is rich and creamy containing ethical hand picked olive oil, harvested from our own grove. Our soap is  full  of natural glycerine, which occurs during the saponification of olive oil. Only olive oil has such a high amount of the triglycerides  that convert to glycerine and sodium or  olive oil soap! Glycerine is a humecant so it attracts moisture to your skin. Commercial soap usually has the glycerine harvested from it, then it's used in expensive moisturising creams and cosmetics, the resulting soap is very hard and long lasting but without any benefits. Our soap contains all the glycerine, is  gentle, mild and great for even your delicate skin  you deserve it!




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