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Welcome to Cazorla soap and Wishywashy!

Luxury handmade Olive Oil enriched soap, handmade with love naturally. All our goodies are made entirely by hand! With you in mind we formulate our bath treats to be kind and gentle on the skin. Its my passion to ensure that no one need suffer chemical laden baths and showers.  Here at Wishy  (or Cazorla) we can also create specially fragranced soaps to order so if you don't see what you want drop us a line here at [email protected]wishywashy.org.uk we're always happy to help. 

For something extra special we can also create custom mini soaps, bath fizzers and sugar scrub cubes in a variety of fragrances, shapes  & colours ideal for wedding favours as a fragrant alternative to bon bons.

We all have to bathe, I dont like to use shower gels and liquid hand wash as I don't like harsh detergents on my skin, so I started making bar soap - like my grandparents would have used BUT without the whale blubber or animal fat! If you have a specific oil, herb or fragrance you would like me to use  to create your perfect bar of soap drop me a line [email protected]wishywashy.org.uk


Here at wishywashy we love the planet & with our range of bottle free Soaps, Shampoo bars, Bubble Bath Bars, Exfoliating Spa Salt Scrub Bars etc. you can too!  If you would like to find out more about the damage plastic is doing you should click here


All our products are SLS free & never ever tested on animals, we don't and will never  use ingredients tested on animals either(Unless you count washing the family pets!) 


We strive to use natural ingredients as much as possible & enrich all our soaps with olive oil grown in the Cazorla national park, liquid gold reckoned to be the best in the world! I always try to incorporate a little native herbal into the soap, such as Golden Dock(yep the weed) ,Nettle & Calendula. 

Golden dock adds a lovely blush pink to the soap.

Nettle, due to it's lovely green hue we add it to our green soap bars.

Yellow or orange Calendula is added to our orange or yellow soaps bars. Just looking at the colour of this will fill you with cheer and thoughts of summer.